Netgate FW-7535 and 2 WAN ports

  • Hi

    I can not understand if the Netgate FW-7535 ( product is configured for 2 WAN ports?



  • From descriptions it has 6 interfaces, I see no reason you can not set two/more of those working as wan interfaces.

  • I have one of these sweet little boxes, and indeed the LAN ports can be assigned any way you like.

  • Why, in the list of its features, there is written:

    •5 GbE network ports, 1 WAN port




  • Maybe it's a standard feature description and and comes with one interface working as wan and the rest as lan, but again i see no reason why you should not assign interfaces as you want !, pf sense 2.0.1 definitely work with one two or more interfaces assigned as wan's, just to be sure sent an email to netgate and ask if there are not some limitations on hardware, in terms of pfsense is working with two wan.

  • I think that was copy/pasted from an older revision of the hardware that had 5x1Gb ports and one 100 Mb port, where the 100 Mb port was referred to as WAN like that. That one is 6 gigabit ports. It will definitely support however many WANs you want to put on it, 5 of them if you have one internal network (or VLANs on a single port) and the WANs on dedicated ports, or if you VLAN trunk your WANs, many more than that.

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