Pfsense is not detecting on-board LAN.

  • Hi,

    Pfsense is not detecting on-board LAN.

    My machine is having on-board LAN with chipset  "Realtek 8111F chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)"

    Do anybody have an idea about this chipset compatibility with pfsense

    Pls reply

  • Based on that info it's hard to quess.
    What pfsense you run, it determines freebsd what is running under it

    Google is your best friend in this case: type freebsd 8.? hardware compatibility list and search your nic from there..

    And how to solve what freebsd your pfsense is running: try this

  • That NIC was not supported until FreeBSD 8.3, which is later than the 8.2 current pfsense is built on.

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