• I'm having trouble with getting an iPhone to "mirror" it's screen on an Apple Airplay. I can see the Airplay in the ARP table but devices can't connect and display their screen.

    pfSense 2.0 Final on a Netgate firewall.

    WLAN and LAN are on the same subnet/ip range.
    I'm using Pep Wave AP One's for the WLAN, plugged into the same switch as the LAN.
    I've installed the AVAHI package and enabled UPnP.

    Is there something else I need to do? I've searched everywhere before asking but haven't found anything that helps.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If LAN and WLAN are in the same subnet, they must be bridged, and only one interface can have an IP.

    Avahi only helps if two interfaces are in different subnets.

  • Thanks for your response. If the Pep Wave AP's are plugged into the same switch as the LAN and using DHCP from the LAN, do they still need to be bridged? Would that setting be in the Pep Waves or the pfsense? Seems like Airplay should "just work" with this setup.

  • I was able to put the Pep Wave AP One access points into bridged mode. I believe Apple TV is working now. Since the site is 2000 miles away from me, I'll have to wait for the devices to be tested. I have a test setup, with the same equipment, in my office and it's working fine. Thank you jimp!

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