How to speed test over a 72 hour period?

  • Hi Everyone,

    Running pfSense 1.2.3-RELEASE here. I have a WAN interface with PPPoE attached to ISP. I want to speed test for 72 hours and see how fast and solid the connection is over 72 hours. I want every second speed test (or every minute or every few minutes if seconds not possible).

    Is there a script? add-on? or some other method that I can do this? Please enlighten me.

    **Not possible to change to pfSense 2.0 yet. Will be able to do that over next couple weeks though. So, looking for immediate tool that runs on 1.2.3 right now.


  • If you have access to a machine with a matched or faster connection than yours outside of your lan, you could try iperf.

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