• Hello,
    I have failover with two router in bridge mode … working to perfection ... in pfSense 2.01
    Then I mounted another pfSense and I am following the manual to the CARP and reached a point where you specify the address of the wan ip (in my case is given by the ISP to be in bridge and dynamic) ... and .... can not be performed.

    CLUSTER is possible with pppoe WAN? any suggestions ???

  • Hello canaryrouter,

    I hope you have a solution by now.

    If not, I'll try to give some info.

    CARP works on the basis of Ethernet, so you wouldn't be able to use it on a PPP link.

    I assume you're trying to have two machines, with one taking over the PPP link in case the primary goes down.

    Afaik you couldn't do this without some trickery, but it is possible. Here are some things you can try (note that I haven't tested this, but am merely hypothesizing).

    1. Install a hub between the modem and the primary machine. Plug the second machine into that hub.
    2. Configure the primary and the secondary machines with scripts that keep the PPP interface in the down state when not master
    3. When the secondary goes into master mode, run the script to bring up the interface

    Of course the cleaner solution would be to run ethernet to two gateways and then use a gateway group for outbound failover. The other alternative would be running Multilink PPP (which is somewhat the PPP equivalent of ethernet (R)STP).

  • The only option for doing CARP with a PPPoE WAN is to do the PPPoE on the modem, and then pass through the real public IP to a private CARP IP (exactly how is best depends on the capabilities of your modem).

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