Routing question with CARPS & Bridged

  • Hello,

    I use pfsense 1.2b1 in a datacenter for colocation, i have 62 public IP's from to 191, the colocation gateway is, subnet mask

    I have 4 nic's, my pfsense ip is

    WAN (, Gateway :
    LAN (
    OPT1 (bridged with WAN)
    OPT2 (LAN2,

    I want use 8 public IP's from my 64 IPs to do NAT on LAN2
    So I create 8 VIPs ( and create NAT 1:1 to my LAN2

    The problem is the 8 Ip's i used with VIPs(CARPS) are in the subnet bridged with WAN.
    So when a packet arrive, it's send to the OPT1 interface & OPT2, i create a simple rule on the firewall for ICMP from WAN to my VIPs adresse, and one rule on my OPT2 to WAN, no problem everyting work fine.
    But i always have in my firewall log and deny message for this packet :
    if : OPT1 | destination

    How to resolve this routing problem ?

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