Intel D2500CC not working with VLANs ???

  • Just recently the onboard LAN-card of our multi-WAN multi-LAN pfsense broke down.
    I took an old Pentium 3 machine put in a 2nd NIC installed pfsense 2.01 and checked how the NICs were named.
    In this case it was em0 and em1
    I modified the XML of a recent backup and used Notepad++ to search and replace the entries of the previous NICS.

    The pfsense has about 30 VLANs that are distributed through a sort of Campus.

    I have it up and running now for a week.
    The Pentium 3 machine is somehow totally not up for the job, so we bought 2 identical Intel Motherboards with 2 NICs onboard.
    In case of a hardware failure I can quickly change the part that fails.

    Installing Pfsense 2.01 was about the same as with the Pentium 3. Annoying bit is the bad support of the onboard video. Just recently (few days) there's a patch for this in Debian.

    I loaded the config of the running core-switch on a spare Netgear GS108Tv2 and expected it to work.
    The Netgear has an IP of on VLAN1 which is within the range of the em1 interface (
    I'm able to ping the switch on its IP.
    On port 8 of the switch I decapsulate Vlan100 for which it has a network on the pfsense on interface em0
    I can't ping the router if I configure one in in the range

    I'm getting no error messages {besides the "Bump sched buckets to 64 (was 0)"} and an ifconfig shows all the vlans with link state UP.

    I also tried a very recent 2.1 build (Beta 0) to see if that would make a difference, but no.
    To make sure the spare switch holds a proper config I just now replaced it with the production switch and it is now working.

    I can also ping all the IP's I have configured in those VLANs from pfsense itself, but that doesn't prove those vlans are working.
    Can someone confirm those VLANs should work on this board?

    I tested both motherboards, BTW

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