NUT battery.charge.low variable resets

  • Using pfSense 2.0.1 x64 with NUT 2.2.2_5 pkg 1.4
    My UPS battery is old so I need to increase the value of battery.charge.low so my servers will have enough time to shutdown. I added "actions = set" at the end of the monuser entry in upsd.users and used the command upsrw to change the battery.charge.low variable value. So far so good, it works, but the problem is this variable resets on every reboot. Is there a way to keep it at the setting I want? I'm thinking on hardcoding the "actions = set" value on the NUT package files and then add a crontab entry to reset it every once in a while but I'm wondering if there is a better solution to this. I'd update the form to change it using the GUI of the NUT package if I could, but unfortunately I don't have any spare time atm to do that :(


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