Interface issue with chrome

  • I have a problem when trying to use any of the dropdown menus in the interface. As soon as the menu opens and i try to make a selection the menu disapears again giving me no chance to open up anything.
    They all do it but it only happens with chrome(20.0.1132.57 linux). I havent tried an earlier version but it works fine with Firefox(14.0.1). Don't know if this is a chrome or pfsense bug either way i figured i'd post it here.
    Not sure when this bug happend the first time because i don't update that often, the last update before the one that started giving me problems is about a month old.

    Edit: If im really quick going down with my mouse from above the menu without waiting for it to popup i can use it and it wont dissapear, kinda tricky with the vpn section though.

  • The scrollable dropdown menu change,49805.0.html happened a month or so ago. It does say:

    Tested in: Firefox 12/13, Chrome 19.0.1084.46, IE 8 and 9

    The main commits for this are at and around
    Maybe Chrome 20.n or running on Linux or whatever combination might be a problem?
    Then again, it might be a totally different cause.

  • Aha that could be it. Well i mainly use 2.1 beta because it's better behaved when running inside a VM using KVM. So i don't really keep up to date on most things, if it works it works, if something doesn't work i report it.

    But if you guys want me to try something or post some logs i'm glad to help.

  • I'm not seeing this here (but using either the Windows version of Chrome or a slightly outdated version for Linux).  Are you using pfsense-ng or another theme?  Do you have any packages installed?

  • I'm using the default theme. No extra packages or anything, the only thing i did was import the settings from my old 2.0 install. Seems to happen a bit more on my desktop then on my laptop both running fedora 17(gnome3). On the desktop it's pretty much guaranteed to happen.

    Sorry for the late reply i kinda forgot about posting here.

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