Help for starting a vpn company

  • i would like to start a vpn company.The vpn access would be used for anonymity and security.I will provide internet access to vpn users.I have set up a freeradius2 server with daloradius so the first part of an AAA server i think is done.I need to set up the vpn server.I want to use OPENVPN for that purpose.At first i think i will serve 200 clients.I want to provide a package let's call it silver.It will offer 100gb traffic per month with speed of 5mbit and after the traffic exceeds the client can use the service with speed of 512kbit.The traffic limit can be achieved through freeradius2 and daloradius as gui.The speed limit per authenticated user how can be achieved?I am thinking of creating vlans,one vlan for each user and traffic shape each one of them.Just a thought..I want to use pfsense,i have already installed it but i cannot traffic shape per user( username ). Also as a billing system do you think that there is a better one than daloradius? When a client pays for a package the vpn account should be created automatically with the limitations.Furthermore the openvpn client package should be available to the user. If you could help me i would be very pleased.

  • Well after some search i saw that using mikrotik and sending some attributes to mikrotik as mikrotik-rate-limit works well for users..i want to use pfsense though..maybe some attributes can solve my problem?

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