Factory defaults question

  • Have now installed an Intel Pro 1000 PCI card which I now want as the parent for VLANs, existing is Realtek GigE onboard . Presumably the factory defaults selection in the WebGUI is the thing to do , or do you have to connect keyboard/monitor and do it there. I am using 2.0.1 nanobsd embedded VGA on Atom system

  • It is very hard to change a card via that card.  You can do it via the WAN if you have the webgui open in the firewall.  You can also do it via the console.  You just need to change the LAN (or whatever) from rt0 to em0. (or whatever)

  • I suspect, though I haven't tried this, that you should be able to change all the interfaces through the web GUI, save the changes BUT don't apply them, then reboot to cause the changes to take effect.

    If you mess that up, you will probably need to do some tweaks through the console.

    I don't see why you would need to reset to factory defaults, but maybe there is something about the configuration you haven't told us.

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    You don't need to reset to defaults.

    Easiest way overall (for me anyhow) would be to download the config.xml and search/replace the old card with the new card, then restore the backup and let it reboot.

    Easiest way in the GUI, if both cards exist at once, is to create the tags on the new card and then reassign them. After you confirm they work on the new card, remove the tags from the old card, then take the old card out.

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