Manual load balancing setting

  • I hope somebody can help me. In multi WAN pfsense, how can we divide our network to go out using particular WAN? Not failover, not load balancing, i just want to decide it manually, for example, I want -  goes thru WAN 1 while 192.168.31 -, goes thru WAN 2. How can we do that? Because using the automatic load balance somehow I think not quiet effective in my case. I have tried to use Group Gateway, but seems it doesn't work. The gateway won't be changed, unless the setting of router gateway set to default, while I don't want that, I need to make it just seperated. Any help, please. Thanks.

  • If you have GW's already created, then this should do

    Create 2 aliases where you have bunch of hosts
    like hosts1 :
    hosts2 : -

    and create firewall rules:
    pass * from hosts1 any to any any with gw1 (advanced option you can find it)
    pass * from hosts2 any to any any with gw2

    This configuration has no failover at all.

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