CARP newbie - physical network incoming to 2x pfSense boxes

  • So I'm looking at this diagram:

    Does this assume that the "DSL Router" at the top of the drawing has two physical RJ45 jacks, or a single one that you're splitting via a switch?

    i.e. when I walk into the data center with 2 pfSense boxes, should I be expecting them to give me two separate RJ45 jacks to plug into, or a single one that I'm going to throw a switch in front of the 2 pfSense boxes for?

  • That is probably a switch between the devices. Most DSL modems only have one LAN connection. But for things like the comcast modem, it has a 4 port switch that you can utilize. I guess it would depend on the device you have.

  • Ideally? You would want 2 ports 2 different (redundant/stacked) switches, so that if one of those goes down, it doesn't take down your WAN.

    If you "throw one switch in front of the two boxes" your creating another SPOF…

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