Newbie question on wizard setup

  • First the Newbie disclaimer:  This is my first post & I have bought (and read) the pfSense book, searched through the Wiki and the forum but am still stuck!

    I have run the shaper wizard on a single WAN/LAN system using the simple priority queue scheduler and here is what I see:

    1. In the wizard, if I use an alias for my VOIP hosts I do not get a VOIP rule and nothing goes in the queue; a single host IP does generate a rule.  Should I be able to use an alias?

    2. I do not see any rule for the ACK's and on a large download nothing goes in the ACK queue, it looks like it is all in the default queue.  Do I have to create the rules manually?

    3. There is no bandwidth limit on the LAN queue even though I put a value in the wizard.  Does this matter?

    It looks like others have seen point 2 but the thread ends with no real resolution.  I guess I'm just missing something here - could someone give me pointers on how I should set this up.

  • Update:  I've searched around the pfSense site and can't find any documentation on the version 2 traffic shaper, everything is written for version 1.  Can somebody point me in the right direction for some documentation on the floating rules used in version 2?


  • What version of pfSense are you using? I use traffic shaping for VoIP at home and at the office.
    1. I don't use a host here, I use anything on port 5060 and also to/from my provider.
    2. UDP doesn't use ACK so there won't be a rule for it.
    3. This happened on some versions. The idea was that LAN queue is for inbound on the WAN (i know confusing), and you cannot really shape that. It was added back later on.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I'm don't have access to my machine at the moment but I think its version 2.01, in any event it is the latest stable release.

    1.  Looking at my queues I think I have my VOIP working now by using a single host, not sure why it wouldn't work with an alias.
    2.  I'm looking for the ACK's on a large download not VOIP traffic, I see what looks like the correct amount of bandwidth for the ACK's in the upload but it is all in the default queue.  From the documentation on version 1 it looks like the wizard should automatically add the ACK rule but I don't see one and if its hidden it isn't working.
    3. I've seen a number of discussion on the value of shaping on a download.  I think the fundemental argument is that if anyone is going through packets away to keep within the bandwidth limits I would rather do it myself than let my ISP decide what he is going drop.  So I need to limit my download to ensure my ISP isn't dropping anything.

    However at the moment I just looking for the version 2 documentation so I can add the rules the wizard has missed - or am I missing something here?

  • in 2.0.1 and newer (2.1-BETA0 development snapshots) queues with ack rules look like this: qACK/qOthersDefault. There is not a rule specifically designed for ack packets unless you manually create one. I am using 2.1 Beta and I don't have any problem with using aliases in the floating rules designed for traffic shaping.

  • I have a rule that looks like it puts the games download traffic in a "qACK/qGames" queue but I don't know what this means.  Does it match the games download traffic and put it qGames and automatically match the upload ACK to the Games download traffic & put the ACK packet in the qACK?  Is there anywhere I can see a write up on how to configure the version 2 shaper?

  • Yes, it does put the ACK into that queue when it sends it back. I don't know of a write up. I would have to search for one also. Perhaps someone else knows of one.

  • Many thanks for the help, time for me to play around a little.  If anyone does know where there is a write up on the V2 shaper it would be very helpful!

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