ISAKMP exchange type Base (1)

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    is there any option to configure ISAKMP exchange type as Base (1) option in the pfSense?
    I have to connect to a VPN server which supports ISAKMP exchange type as Base (1) as we have the client machine ready which supports only this option of isakmp….

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    It looks like racoon does support that, I'm not sure why we don't offer it as an option.

    From racoon.conf(5)

    exchange_mode (main | aggressive | base);
                        Defines the exchange mode for phase 1 when racoon is the
                        initiator.  It also means the acceptable exchange mode
                        when racoon is the responder.  More than one mode can be
                        specified by separating them with a comma.  All of the
                        modes are acceptable.  The first exchange mode is what
                        racoon uses when it is the initiator.

    Edit /usr/local/www/vpn_ipsec_phase1.php, and on line 631, change this:

    $modes = array("main","aggressive");

    To this:

    $modes = array("main","aggressive","base");

    Then it should be an option in the GUI

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

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