Bandwidth management for roommate

  • I do apologize if this has been discussed before, but if it was, I am unable to find it. I just got pfSense set up in my new apartment with one roommate. I want to set up bandwidth management so that we each get a fair share of the internet. What I want pfSense to do is that when there is capacity (say only one of us using the internet) that it will give all available bandwidth to a group of devices (xbox, laptop, desktop, phone) that belong to one person. If there is competition for bandwidth, then it would give each group of devices half. Furthermore, in each group of devices, it would prioritize the Xboxes and media streaming while penalty boxing P2P downloads. I think I could set up a simple 50/50 rule using limiters, but I am unsure how to get multi-level limiting with the possibility of using full bandwidth when there is no competition.
    Now I am thinking that I should have posted in Traffic Shaping. I do apologize, and if a moderator could move this to that category that would be great.

  • I would make sure each node has a static IP address and then assign limiters to this, with the built in feature

    Traffic shaper.

    There is cool Youtube video on how to do this.

    Youtube Video

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