Owner of all files were changed to "0" from "root"

  • One of my pfsense issued some prblems for several days. I cannot found what is the problem. Today I foud that owner of all files were change to "0" from "root". The version of this box is 1.0.1 embedded.

    Pleas adv what happened on my pfsense box? And please adv if it can be fixed without reflash?

    Thank you.

  • 0 is root.  Same thing.

  • Noted thank you. But the "passwd" file is not the normal "passwd" file. It changed to totally differnet file.

    Below is the contents of /etc/passwd file on my pfsense box.

    tate table size

    Show states

    CPU usage

    ![left bar](./themes/<?= $g['theme']; ?>/images/misc/bar_left.gif)![red bar](./themes/<?= $g['theme']; ?>/images/misc/bar_blue.gif)![gray bar](./themes/<?= $g['theme']; ?>/images/misc/bar_gray.gif)![right bar](./themes/<?= $g['theme']; ?>/images/misc/bar_right.gif)

    Memory usage

    ![left bar](./themes/<?= $g['theme']; ?>/images/misc/bar_left.gif)

  • Yes, just replace the file from a vanilla installation.

    It looks like hard disk corruption at first glance.  Voodoo.