Removing ISP's DNS Servers from resolv.conf

  • I wondered is there anyway of stopping pfsense from adding my ISPs DNS servers at all?

    I wanted to exclude them from the IPs listed in there because their not that great, but every time I say reboot rewrites them completely. Is there anyway of stopping them from being added and using what's literally in the general tab of the web configurator?

    Thanks and I appreciate any replies in advance,

  • Are you referring to what is given by the DHCP service?

  • Yea is this possible I was attempting to trace where my ISPS DNS Servers where generating from within pfsense but failed badly.

  • On System -> General where you have listed your desired name servers, do you have the box Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN ticked? (It shouldn't be!)

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