Blank Spaces in Menus w/ Widescreen and Firefox Dev

  • This post is mostly to document this issue+workaround in case anyone else runs into it.

    I found a glitch where my Firefox (Nightly 16 & 17 64bit) doesn't display menus properly, when the Widescreen Package is installed.
    My dropdown menus display blank spaces at the top of them.

    This can be overcome by disabling Hardware Acceleration in Firefox (Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> General -> take check off 'Use Hardware Acceleration …').
    If I reenable HWA again, the menus continue to render properly until the next Firefox restart.

    I'll wait and see if this straightens itself out over time.  If not, I'll do some debugging - maybe wipe FFX and reload from scratch.

    For the record, here's my relevant info:

    The pfSense machines I checked are running 2.0.1-RELEASE (i386) Dec 12

    On pfSense boxes without the Widescreen package installed, menus are fine.

    Have only seen this on my notebook running AMD Radeon HD-6620G, driver 8.836.1.0 5/25/11
    and (currently) Firefox Nightly 17.0a1 (2012-08-01).

    Disabling all Firefox add-ons has no effect.

    I'm not having issues w/ any other website.


    There are a lot of Mozilla posts w/ similar issues. Those users are running release candidates of Firefox.  Disabling HWA fixes it for them.

    That's all.

  • I have the issue with the menu's appearing under the traffic graphs with the widescreen addon.

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