• I want to assign two Ip adresses to the WAN port. Is this possible? If so how do i go about doing it. I tied the obvious virtual ip setup but that doesn't seem to work. If it's suposed to please let me know….

    Any help is appreciated.

  • What's not working? What are you trying to do? Is the second address just another IP in your block, or a different subnet?

  • It's just another IP in my block.

    Example, should be able to be added to that interface and can be on a standard machine. I'm wondering how to do that within PFsense?

  • Standard FreeBSD alias addresses are not currently supported in pfSense. You should be able to add additional IPs via Firewall, Virtual IPs. I generally use proxy arp unless it's a CARP cluster, but some people seem to have better luck with CARP addresses. Once the VIP is added, you should be able to use it for a NAT port-forward or 1-1. Things to watch for are that VIPs used for port-forwards will not be pingable, and you must manually create the firewall rules to allow traffic to 1-1 NATs. What in specific was not working when you added a VIP?

  • You just need to add VIP's and configure NAT as you desire.

    If you tried that and it didn't work, likely possibilities:

    • you expected them to respond to pings and they didn't, that's normal.
    • your upstream device on the WAN side had a previously used MAC associated with that IP in its ARP cache
    • you had your NAT and/or VIP's misconfigured

  • When we started to use more than one IP using Virtual IP's we had to clear the ARP cache on the router connected to Pfsense.