Setting up HFSC for home use

  • I have read the sticky about setting up queues but I guess I am just a little slow to understanding. What I am trying to do is set up traffic shaping to accomplish the following. Have two main groups of devices classified by an alias. Within each main group, there would be queue children that would prioritize certain traffic depending on type (Xbox, VoIP, HTTP, etc). First, how would I go about setting up the queues (aka what all queues would I need)? Let's say for demonstration purposes there is group A and group B as main groups. Then I want to make a queue for gaming and a queue for HTTP for each group. Second, how do you set up firewall rules to send traffic to each queue. I have seen from looking around that qACK is used, and while I think I understand what ACK is for, I do not know what traffic to send to it. Thanks for any help you can provide!

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