NAT filter rule association 'Pass' stops working

  • Hi!
    I'm not sure wether this is 8.1 related or wether this has happened under 8.0 as well - I always thought it's the problem of my isp when this happened before.
    But today I fould out that the NAT filter rule association 'Pass' sometimes just stops working. Today, NO packet would get through from the outside.
    Rebooting didn't help. What did help is that I set up a (not really working!) ip-sec configuration. Suddenly, my mailserver was reachable again. As soon as I deleted the ip-sec config, it wasn't reachable again etc.
    Now I changed from 'pass' to 'create new associated filter rule' (or I'm still in the process, as this is quite some work…) and like this my mail server is reachable again even without non working ipsec-config ;)

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