Having issues setting up pfSense and using printer on different subnet

  • Hello,

    I have set up pfSense and am using the captive portal.  That works great to the internet.

    I am having problems, however, with a printer.  I set up a vlan interface ( on my switch in the same subnet as the pfSense LAN ip (  I set up a route to a printer ( using this interface as the next hop.  I've also added FW rules.

    When we try to print, the printer gets information, starts to think a bit and warm up, then hangs.  I'm thinking there is something broken with return traffic, as it just hangs.  When we bypass pfSense and add a static route to, it works.

    So in summary…

    client IP ---> ----> ----> doesnt work
    client IP ---> ----> works

    What are we doing wrong?  What can I do to troubleshoot this?

  • i should also mention, i can ping both ways.

  • I will assume you setup the routing in the routing section of pfSense correctly since you can ping. perhaps you want to turn off the advanced option to bypass firewall rules if leaving the same interface. Otherwise you are going to have to traceroute and what tcp dumps at the switch or firewall.does the printer and the other side of that route know how to get back to pfsense or the computer?

  • that didnt work, but turning off the fw entirely did.

    any more ideas??!

  • went with plan b.  just moved the printers.

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