• Hello,

    We have been starting to explore openflow on Linux and since most of our network infrastructure is pfsense I was just curious if openflow was on the radar of anyone here (user or developer).  I know it still seems kind of academic, but with IBM bringing out boxes like I figure it's starting to get traction.

    I see work has been done on porting openflow to FreeBSD 1, but I have no idea how far along that work is.
    I would assume nobody here cares yet since I could only find one post that mentioned openflow 2.

    I have setup a network using openvswitch/Linux and floodlight.  Its pretty interesting technology…


  • Yes, it's on the radar.  ;D

    Luigi Rizzo has openvswitch running over netmap (his invention).

    And I'm considering making a version of pfSense for openflow.

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