IPsec Not Passing Traffic

  • I saw another thread that was fairly similar to this one, but I didn't want to hijack it, so I started a new one. I'm running 2.0.1-RELEASE on an Atom box with two 10/100/1000 NICs and for the life of me I can not get any traffic to route anywhere after I connect to the VPN. On the remote side (from pfSense perspective), I have tried (on OS X Mountain Lion) both IPSecuritas and the built in client and on my Android phone the built in client. All of them connect just fine and get IP addresses, but no traffic is routed. I have posted my (sanitized) configurations for IPsec on Imgur here: http://imgur.com/a/CSKuX. I have a friend who has the EXACT same configuration except for something unrelated to IPsec and his works just fine. One oddity - the pfSense box is NOT the router on the target (LAN) network that I am VPNing into. I don't think that it would matter, but just in case. What do I need to do to get this VPN working? I'm willing to try darn near anything.

  • When you go to Status / IPSec are the Local and Remote IPs in the right sub-nets ?  Also, check SPD –

    Then see if it agrees with the routing / rules / LAN nets in use.


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