Proxy Filter + LDAP

  • Good Morning from South Africa,

    Quick question:

    There is a lot of content on configuring LDAP authentication for proxy authentication, which is clear and which I set up quite easily using ms radius > pfsense proxy server. I am currently using my radius server to authenticate proxy login based on active directory groups.

    I can't find a clear answer on whether I can apply a proxy filter policy to an active directory group.

    I have seven hundred children (Global Group: Students) using our proxy filter and fourty teachers (Global Group: Teachers).
    I create a groups ACL on proxy filter called Filter_Students and Filter_Teachers
    I dont want to make 700 user names on the proxy for the 700 children, nor do I want to put in 700 ip addresses.

    I want groups ACL: Filter_Students to apply to Global Group: Students & groups ACL: Filter_Teachers to apply to Global Group: Teachers.

    Is this possible either via command line or web gui?

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