No Internet Connectivity (Uverse RG and Linksys Router)

  • OK Just installed a pfsense router between my Linksys WAP (LAN) and my AT&T Uverse Residential Gateway. So it goes:

    (LAN) -> Linksys Router -> pfsense box -> Uverse RG -> (WAN)

    Weird part. From any host on the LAN, I can ping the RG address and access each device's web interface. (Linksys Router) (pfsense box) (Uverse RG)

    The Uverse RG is giving the pfsense box an IP via DHCP – The LAN port on the pfsense box is static and giving the Linksys router a static IP.

    The problem: No hosts on the LAN can access the internet. I'm not 100% convinced it's pfsense because pfsense is letting me go right through it to access the Uverse RG's web interface.

    I don't think it's a DNS thing because I grabbed google, yahoo, etc IPs and tried to hit them going through the above setup and no luck.

    My pfsense setup is a default setup. What are some obvious things I may be missing? I haven't set up any firewall rules so maybe that's it? WAN port configuration? Maybe something on the Uverse box?

    ADDITIONAL NOTES: When I had the linksys router getting an DHCP address from the Uverse RG just yesterday and for a year prior it worked fine. The Uverse service isn't down because I can switch to the Uver's RG's wifi and immediately get internet access.


  • Got it working.

    It was an incorrect firewall rule that I put in while trying to fix it (too many changes without testing!) but the primary issue seemed to be having the wrong gateway in the Linksys box.

    I put in the pfsense ip as the gateway for the Linksys box WAN interface along with my ISP's DNS (they were already in pfsense general setup but I put em in anyway just to test.)

    Then boom, Google came right up.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So you have a triple NAT going on??  Why?

    Devices connected to your linksys are on a network, then it nats to a network, then it nats again network and then finally public ip outside your uverse??

    Why in the world would you set it up like that??

    If your going to use your linksys as AP, then it would be on network, all your clients would be on then your only doing a double nat.  Again why?

    Can you not use your uverse box as bridge only?  So pfsense gets public on its wan interface, and then you would only have single nat, which is a normal setup.

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