• We are about to migrate to a new rackmount firewall (Dell Power Edge 1750) and would like to maintain continuity of our RRD graph data (namely traffic).  Is there a command that will let me download the graph data from the old machine that I could then upload to the new pfsense machine?

    Thanks so much, keep up the great work!

  • Move RRD-Graphs:

    On the old box:

    tar cvPzf /root/rrddata.tgz /var/db/rrd/

    Copy /root/rrddata.tgz off the box using exec.php

    Copy the rrddata.tgz to the new box and use exec.php to upload, it will end up in /tmp/

    Now do:
    mkdir -p /var/db/rrd
    tar xvPzf/tmp/rrddata.tgz -C /var/db/rrd