Unable to access WAN or OPT1 from WAN subnet

  • I have a Dual WAN setup in kind of a unique situation, I have two offices on the same isp with static IP addresses.
    Office 1 Has a Dual WAN setup while
    Office 2 is just single WAN.

    The issue that I'm having is that I can't seem to connect to Office 1 from office 2 no matter which interface I try to connect to(WAN or OPT1). If I forward a port and mark the rule to log a pass from that port, the pass gets logged but whatever resource I'm trying to access still times out, this includes the Web GUI, and VPN, however if I'm at the office 1 and I try to access the Web GUI of office 2 or any other resource it works just fine, also if I'm on a completely different isp and I try to access either interface on office 1 it works just fine. I'm not sure where my configuration error lies or why I'm having trouble with this setup but if someone could please help me find it I would be grateful.

    Here is an image of my setup office 1 on the left and office 2 on the right.