OpenVPN Client Export Utility

  • I finally got around to ditching PPTP and setting up OpenVPN (both for remote access and site-to-site). It is working great. However, I was wandering if there is a way to update the OpenVPN client that is generated with the Client Export Utility package. Currently it is 2.2.0. I would like to update it with 2.2.2 (soon to be 2.2.3). I was hoping it would be as easy as finding the Client Export Utility directory and swapping out the source code that is currently in there with the latest.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    IIRC you can just take the openvpn installer exe and stick it in

    We use the one we use because it has known-good IPv6 support. It's not stock, it's a patched branch.

    The 2.3 client might be usable for us once that stabilizes.

    What do you need in 2.2.2 that isn't in the client we have?

  • Ahhh, there it is. Couldn't find it.

    Nothing wrong with the 2.2.2 really, it was just more curiosity then anything. For some reason I was thinking that the client export utility was maintained by someone else, not the pfSense team. I just noticed the OpenVPN TAP bridging fix package as well. So will that just be part of the 2.1 release instead of a package?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yes, tap is fixed properly in 2.1. The package was created by backporting some of the fixes, though not all were brought back to 2.0.x

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