1:1 NAT

  • Newbie here trying to do a 1:1 NAT and having trouble. All I am trying to do is NAT a single host to one of my 10 public IPS and cant seem to get it to work. I am able to RDP from and diffrent lan but cant see it outside the lan or even get to the internet from that machine but can RDP into it. Any help would be great


  • After you created the 1:1 NAT did you setup a firewall rule to allow the traffic you wanted? What does the rules look like?
    Is the pfSense machine the default gateway for your server?

  • Yes is et up the rule to pass to the lan. Do i need to set up a virtual ip? Also the public ip is from a block of ten i have one being on the wan of pfsense the other nine not being in use didnt think any of that would matter?

  • Assuming those IPs aren't being routed to you, you must configure virtual IPs for them.

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