Jail status?

  • If this is not the right list to ask please move this to the right one.

    Just wondering, what is the status of jails in 2.0.1?

    They are ready for production?
    Some working with jails in pfsense without issue?

    I have search the forum but did't see good info about.

    Any input will be appreciated, thanks!!!

  • Please forgive my failure of imagination - why would you use a jail in pfSense?

  • Exist some application that one client ask for, is related to video cache and dynamic content and I was thinking on use a Jail inside pfsense for this.
      I had seen some ports about jails, this is for my lab right now, why not, I know what I'm doing is safe.
      Is all, thanks wallabybob.

  • As far as the jail package, I'm not aware offhand of anyone using it, but that doesn't mean it isn't being used. Jails in general will work fine, not sure how good or bad the front end package is for them. Try it out, if it works, it most likely won't stop working.

  • Thanks guys, I will give a try if something happen, we can move to fbsd anyway :-).

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