Replacement of pfsense machine went wrong

  • I need your help.
    I have a pfsense machne workign as a firewall for two servers. I have a couple of virtual ips, 1:1 nat, firewall rules and nothing very special. I was trying to replace the hardware my firewall is working on and failed. Here's what I did:
    1. I have downloaded my configuration (All) from old server and replaced the lan cards designations to match new server. I have uploaded my corrected config to my new server.
    2. I have turned on the new server and changed lan cables from old to new.
    3. Both interfaces seemed to work OK (both ways ping tests) BUT the firewall didn't pass traffic in either way.
    4. I have restarted the new machine - it didn't help.
    5. I have done a lot of random things like editing IPs and ssaving them etc. Nothing…
    6. I have moved back to my old machine and everything works...

    What am I doing wrong??? It seems that I missed a basic concept of something but I have no clue why it didn't work. Both interfaces were active and I could log on to web console on both sided of the firewall. But my LAN couldn't access the outside world and I couldn't reach anyching on LAN from WAN... The rules were visible and they seemed to be OK...

    Any help will be appreciated...

  • With default settings 'from scratch'  you should be able to do a "" from LAN (minimal input from you includes details for a WAN connection) in a couple of minuts.

    If this doesn't works, something must be wrong concerning the NIC ?
    (WAN NIC and LAN NIC aren't mixed up ?)

    When conection exists, import YOUR rules.

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