Help with dns

  • I am trying to sent a dns forwarder to use a domain name of a phone server instead of the ip address.

    I have put the dns forwarder in ther services tab and when I run a tracert this is what it says

    unable to resolve target system name

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator


    what is this fqdn of the phone server?  phoneserver.something.tld ?

    Then for something.tld you are forwarding it where?  What nameserver are you forwarding it to that can resolve hosts in something.tld?

    Do you have access to this server?  Can you directly query it and it resolves your phoneserver.something.tld

    Or do you just wan your pfsense to return IP X, say when you ask for phoneserver.something.tld - you can have the forwarder return whatever IP you want for whatever host you want.  You do not have to forward to another server to ask for the IP of the fqdn.

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