Port 80 Redirect

  • I have a WHS 2011 it has remote web access on both 80 and 443 but even if you are using 443 (HTTPS) when you try to stream media the request is done via port 80. This is esspecially true on th WP7 app to access the server. I want to know if there is a service that will take the normal port 80 request redirect it to another port and then once inside my LAN I can rediect it back to port 80. The app and remote access can not be configured to use another port so when using them if I try to stream media (Video, Music, ect…) the request will be sent on port 80 no matter what. I need to catch that request before my network change it to another port get it in my network and then I will foward that external port back to port 80. Is this possible and if so what DynDNS sevice do I need.

  • Dyndns services simply resolve a given hostname to your IP, they don't touch any of your traffic to your hostname. Short of getting a VPS or other server out on the Internet somewhere and connecting to it instead and having it do the port rewriting magic via netcat or similar, there isn't a solution for that.

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