Pfsense with remote SMB shares

  • I try to setup Openfiler with pfsense. I like to have CIFS/SMB Shares access from another Server with IP
    Openfiller is using the IP: (local: and I'm able to open the shares in my local network but not the remote Server.

    Port forwarding Setup:
    WAN TCP * * 445 (MS DS) 445 (MS DS)

    Firewall rule:
    Proto 445 |Source | Port * | Destination | Port 445 | Gateway * | Queue none

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    proto 445?  That does not seem right.

    You sure these ports are not blocked by your ISP?   And your sure 445 is being used by the server, and not the other common ports for cifs/smb? 137,138,139

    A better option might be a vpn from this location?  And then do your cifs/smb over the vpn - if that is possible for you.

  • May also need 135-139. But it's very unlikely you'll make SMB shares work over the Internet. Back in the days of MS Blaster and other similar worms, most ISPs blocked those ports and still do. It's a bad idea to use over the Internet in general anyway, use a VPN.

  • Thank you. i've got it working and really love pfSense now.

    I know its not the perfect solution, but my Boss like to have it that way. The shares are only reachable from the IP of another Server and (of course) not the whole internet.

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