IPSec Roadwarrior Tutorial, can't ping LAN

  • Hey guys, I followed the IPSec roadwarrior tutorial (http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/IPsec_Road_Warrior/Mobile_Client_How-To) as the title states, and I cannot ping my LAN after I connect to the VPN.  I have the address range for VPN clients set to network, and my internal network is  When I connect I get and I am unable to ping any address in the network.

    How can I figure out the problem? Is there something obvious I have screwed up? I have found no settings to configure routing for VPN clients.

    Is my firewall in pfSense perhaps blocking it? I have enabled block bogon and RDC 1918 networks.

    If it helps, here are a bunch of screenshots of my config and stuff… I cannot get this thing working! :(

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