How to reset theme manually?

  • just tried to change the theme on my 2.0.1 box to "the_wall", and now I cannot seem to find the "change theme" dialog that was formerly listed under:

    System –> Advanced

    Can somebody tell me how to revert this back to the default theme thru the shell?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's under System > General.

    You could edit the config with viconfig (if you know vi) or you could make a backup, edit the backup, and restore it, but the GUI option should work.

  • Thanks for the info, especially the bit about viconfig.

    I coulda swore I looked under System > General earlier <sheepish>.

    I suppose I should have started my pfsense journey with a HDD based install, where the files are more accessible for editing than the nanoBSD embedded install.

    I'm trying to follow the nanoBSD process from the FreeBSD site:

    and I'm learning how the single "cfg" as well as the disk image itself can be altered/customized.</sheepish>

  • The easiest way in my opinion is to enable SSH Shell login, and with Filezilla a free SSH/FTP client logon to the box with root and whatever your admin password is and browse to..


    Under here is where your find all the themes. When i got bored i downloaded a theme and started to play around with the CSS to change colours etc. My pfsense is now amazing! lol

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