Can't change default WAN interface?

  • Hello.

    First small explanations about my setup:

    1. When pfsense box was created years ago I had 1 WAN (lets name it WAN A) and multiple LANs + 1 gateway (GW A). Everything works.
    2. Some time later second WAN was added (WAN B) with second gateway (GW B). Still everything works, GW A is default gateway, GW B is not.
    3. Now WAN A connections no longer exists. GW B was set as default gateway, but GW A refuses to stop being default gateway.

    How can I:

    1. Force GW A from being default gateway?
    2. Change WAN B to be default and only WAN interface so I can remove WAN A and GW A afterwards?

    I could just drop WAN B and reconfigure WAN A for its connection, but that means manually moving dozens of firewall rules from WAN B to WAN A interface + editing dozens of rules were WAN B is forced. Its simply not acceptable. I'd also like to avoid hand editing XML config.

  • Hi,

    From my experience, you can't rename move or delete WAN and LAN that are by default and needed by pfSense to work.

    The fastest way to change WAN B for WAN could be to make a configuration backup (xml file) and use a text editor with batch search/replace in rules and reload the modified file.

  • Done by editing XML.

    BTW I think that wan/lan shouldn't be special cases. These should be regular interfaces which can be edited or deleted, without forcing wan as default gateway etc.

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