PowerD Buggy?

  • I know it's just the dashboard but my PowerD status doesn't always show under the "CPU Type" in the System Information section of the dashboard.

    A system reboot does not fix the problem. Any suggestions? Sometimes PowerD shows up fine on the dashboard and sometimes not.


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    Which status line? The one with the CPU frequency?

    The CPU frequency line only displays if the CPU has downshifted and isn't running at its full frequency. For instance if you have a 2.4GHz CPU and it's running at 2.4GHz, the line doesn't show. But if it's downshifted to 1250MHz then it would show that.

  • OK so here (attached) is the snapshot. It's running on a VM so pfsense only has two cores.

    I have a guy ripping a massive amount of data across two LAN subnets and the CPU usage is 48% pretty sustained. Does that mean that PowerD is "off" and it's running 48% at 3.2ghz on both cores?

    And when the job is done and the LAN activity goes idle I'll see that second line that says (usually like 350mhz out of 3182 or something like that)?


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