SQUID button to turn OFF/ON

  • Hi list,
    Hi all,
    Hello world :-)

    I have a pfSense installation working at home for a few years now, and it's just amazing, so let me thank all the people that worked hard to provide that automagical secure firewall.

    Well, I have some questions about the system :

    1- I changed the root password from console using passwd. I have not been modified upon reboot. I understood that it (the old password) was saved on (and at reboot, then restored from) config.xml file. Is there a way to bypass this file for some specific features? (please dont hit me ;-) ). Is there a way to change the root password from GUI ?

    2 - I installed SQUID package to provide a transparent proxy for all my home network. I have an external OpenBSD server with a DNS server (DJB DNS) and unortunatelly, it went down a few days ago. So I changed the DNS server to be used in the System/General config. But, SQUID keeps doing its DNS requests to the old server. Why ?  (Yes, I restarted the squid service from GUI).

    3 - Is it possible to have a ON/OFF button in SQUID GUI (like in SquidGuard ?)

    4 - About IPSec VPN, is it possible to do NAT before IPSec ? ( to avoid NAT-T issues )

    Thanks all and keep up the good work :-)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    1. System > User Manager - change admin password. In the shell, admin == root.
    2. Squid uses the DNS servers from System > General only, especially if it were started/stopped. Double check /etc/resolv.conf
    3. Just uncheck transparent, it will effectively be off for users (no longer grabbing their traffic)
    4. No.

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