Setup with upstream+downstream bandwidth limit.

  • Hi all,

    I'm not sure I've understood the inner workings of the traffic shaper configuration but it seems that the way the wizard works doesn't really fit in my case.

    I have a WAN connection where the TOTAL bandwidth is 10Mbps. By total I mean up+down. The transport is ethernet and depending on the traffic I can download almost at 10Mbps (ok it's lower than that but bear with me for sec) or upload at the same rate but not at the same time.

    Now, as I understand the wizard setup process, I can set an upload bw and a download bw. Both of them should be set to the max rate I get on that connection which is 10Mbps. The problem is that, if I have a heavy download process at low priority and video conference (which I set at high priority), the shaper doesn't seem to shape the upstream correctly since it doesn't throttle the heavy download low priority queue.

    I tried to create a unique parent queue but that didn't work. I got errors in the configurator.

    Is this setup possible? If so, how?

    Thank you in advance,

  • In the case that you have 10 Mb up 10 Mb down, you shouldn't put it exactly at what your ISP says that you max out at.  Your max will rarely be reached in most cases.  Try clocking your speed and get an average for how much you really can pull down.  You can also dink with the setting within each queue, like the minimum and maximum amounts of bandwidth that can located to a queue, link share, etc, etc.  It will take some tweaking, but it works!

  • Hi,

    I said 10Mb for simplicitity. I didn't set as a max rate exactly those numbers.
    The point is that what my ISP limits is the total bw (up+dw) and not up and dw separately. It's basically a 10Mbps HALF duplex ethernet channel.

    So, at any given moment, the dwstream can saturate the bw OR the upstream can saturate the bw. If I try to do both things at the same time I will get congestion and the dw speed and up speed will get to a balance point which favours, depending on the rate that can be sustained by the peer, the up speed or the dw speed.
    In that case, the physical bw would be much lower than what I set in the traffic shaper (let's say half).
    On the other hand, I don't want to set the half of the bw for up and dw stream since this would limit to half the dw speed and the up speed under normal conditions (like a single download).
    In order words, it doesn't seem anything that I can fix by putting a slightly different number. It looks like something that needs to be mapped in the queues in an actual different way.


  • Ya, the best advice I can give in that case then is to just figure out what services you primarily use and stick two that setup.  So if you typically use tons of download go 8mb down 2mb up etc. What essentially needs to happen for this to work right would be a link share between the wan/lan root queues indicating that they can use 10 mb cummativley.  That is way out of my ball park though, hopefully someone else can advise.  I'm guessing that for it to work right you'll need to post a fat bounty or have a fair amount of knowledge yourself.

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