Pass LAN workstation IP thru to server in DMZ

  • Apache Server
    PFSense DMZ
    PFSense LAN
    LAN Workstations 192.168.1.x

    Using NAT REFLECTION, the LAN workstations are able to browse the website on the DMZ server via the URL.

    Unfortunately, the Apache Log's show all LAN traffic as coming from (i.e. the DMZ IP).

    In order to setup a "allow LAN IP's free access and require external IP's to enter username/password" .htaccess file I need to have the Apache server "see" the local lan IP's.

    Not sure if this is a NAT problem or a Firewall Rule problem (so sorry if this is posted in the wrong section).

  • If all the LAN is going to 3.1. then it would be NAT that is doing that through the reflection. It would be better to setup a split DNS so that when a user goes to the URL, it pulls the internal address instead of external. Then it would not NAT, only route, which passes the internal address on the LAN.

  • Yup, using the internal IP address for the webserver solves the problem.


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