Help first time building my pfsense.!

  • trying to build my first pfsense,.
    uverse: gataway.
    old pc with to network card..

    so first network card has 192..168.1.1 IP
    and the second one has nothing WHY?? and where do i connect this cat5 cable from second card,,on my uverse router??

    my only purpose of this project is to have network LIMITER for each it nessesary to have WAN?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Your pfSense box should be in between the uverse box and your internal network (switch, PCs, consoles etc).
    You should not have two cables connected from your pfSense box to your uverse box.

    You cannot have the same subnet on the two NICs in the pfSense box. Since the uverse box is using 192.168.1.* you will have to change the pfSense LAN interface as that uses the same subnet by default. Set it to for example.


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