IPv6 final setup issues

  • After finally getting approval for my ipv6 allocation from SixXS, Ive now got the task of trying to set it up on my home network

    I've followed a few of the guides I can see on the forums, which show you how to enable IPv6 inside your lan, as well as being able to get DHCPv6 running

    Well, here's my predicament:

    I've got the tunnel going successfully, shows up as online for gateways

    But after following what I can for getting my other machines to retrieve an IP from the dhcpv6 server, they fail to do so

    Kind of scratching my head working out where I've gone wrong

    Any ideas?

  • sixxs was very easy to setup with m0n0wall but with pfsense it never worked right for me. I went and got a tunnel from he.net and that was cake to set up.

  • I did discover this morning that the dhcp server was indeed handing out ip addresses to my computers, after actually BOTHERING to look to see if it was, lol

    Just that getting the http://test-ipv6.com site to see my ipv6 address is proving the fun bit atm

  • After talking with my ISP, wondering why it is that the tunnel to them doesnt work

    They informed me I did have IPV6 enabled in the control panel when I log in to check my account ::)

    Just need to swap some details over once i get home, makes me wonder why it is I went through the hassle of the one for SixXS, lol

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