VIP & FTP problem

  • Hello

    I have 4 nic's, my pfsense ip is

    WAN (, Gateway :, FTP Helper enable)
    LAN (
    OPT1 (bridged with WAN)
    OPT2 (LAN2,, FTP Helper enable)

    In my log
    pftpx[439]: listening on port 8022
    pftpx[431]: listening on port 8021

    I have a VIP using CARPS and a NAT 1:1 ( ->

    My rules :
    On WAN
    TCP  *  21 (FTP)  *  *

    On OPT2 i have set this rule:
    TCP  *  *  *  21 (FTP)  *

    On my PC, when i start a ftp client (in passive mode) i can connect but i can not list directory.
    In FileZilla if i set the ports range 6500-6505 and if i add a rule on OPT2:
    TCP  *  8000 - 8005  *  *  * 
    Everything works.

    My problem we have a application that use ftp to send files but we can not set the port range, i don't want to add a rule on OPT2 that permit all outbound traffic from to external.

    Is there an other solution ?


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