Help understanding squid and lightsquid

  • Hey all, just want to clarify a couple things so i understand it all better…

    Lightsquid is a report that reads from squid access.log ?  or cache.log?

    When i set the logs to rotate ever 1 day in the Services> proxy server, all these logs get rotated correct?  the access.log, cache.log and swap.state ?

    SO i guess thats why i see an access.log and an access.log.0 and so on..  i assume i am then able to delete that access.log.0 to save space?

    Doing this, do i somehow lose or affect the data that i am seeing in Lightsquid reports?

    I am asking basically because, lately i was getting that log rotate working, and every day i would have the *.log.0, *.log.1 and so on, but for some unknown reason it has stopped rotating (havent made any changes at all) and i am left with a huge access.log.  I manually rotated the logs just now and i see i have the .log.0 again, but going back to my Lightsquid report, its showing only 4 people being connected and using my system today, and i know it was up around a few hundred.. it is every day.  Looking back i see every now and then there is a day that shows such tiny usage in the Lightsquid logs, so something is now right.

    So what exactly makes my Lightsquid report be incorrect?  i just rotated logs and deleted old ones, even before deleting the old one the Lightsquid log was incorrect for today.. that''s all.. any assistance in helping me understand all this better is highly appreciated..

    thanks in advance

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