Rules are not catching traffic

  • i've set up some rules to traffic shape out bound traffic and they rules fail to driect the traffic into the correct queue and it ends up in the default queue.

    rule set up for ftp to go to queue B
    rule set up for rdp to go to queue A
    default queue is queue C

    the rules and queues were based on the wizards output.

    when the queues are monitored in the queue status screen the traffic FTP traffic can be seen in the C queue and not in the B queue.

    i.e. the C queue shows traffic and the other two are empty.

    i've spent the last couple oh hours reading the forums and wiki but cant seem to get it to work

    the rules are source lan subnet ports any like the wizard creates and destination is any and specific ports i.e 20-21 and 3389.

    targets are qBup/qBdown and qAup/qAdown IF in is LAN and IF out is WAN

    Cqueue is flagged as default.

    There is a rule to catck all traffic from the voip phones ip address and the ack traffic seems ok

    i'm usimg 1.2 beta latest release.

  • Disable the userland FTP-Proxy application.

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