Traffic forwarding

  • I have two ISP’s static Ip configured in WAN and OPT .I want to forward internet traffic from Wan to LAN to150 range and traffic from OPT to LAN to 250 range.Is it possible ,can u help me Iam stucked here.

  • You are probably looking for the 1:1 nat doing a range of IPs. Don't forget the firewall rules to allow the traffic.

  • Thanks podilarius, I have configured Pfsense in Loadbalance mode.What i wan is , i want System A use traffic from ISP1(WAN) and System B use traffic from ISP2(OPT). My configuration is given below
    ID Proto   Source   Port Destination Port Gateway Queue Schedule Description
              *    *          *        *      WAN          non
              *    *          *        *      OPT          non
              *    *          *        *      OPT          non
            * LAN net   *       *   * LOADBLGW   non

    But its not working
    ISP1 --115.254..
    ISP 2--122.164..
    LOADBLGW--->Tier1(ISP1) nd Tier2(ISP2)

  • Can any one help me to solve these.System A use only get internet from ISP1 and System B get internet from ISP2.

  • If you have not done so already, perhaps you can try rebooting.

  • Thanks ,Its working fine… ;D ;D ;D

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