Host name lookup failure

  • Hello
    Probably my problem can be solved very easily, but i have not found how to setup pfsense properly.
    Configuration of network is following:
    Ethernet modem (China Unicom) -> Dell PowerEdge T300 with latest pfSense  -> Switch D-link (network of 10 machines) -> router netgear (just for wi-fi)
    Internet settings are following:
    Static IP
    I've installed latest version of pfsense on dell poweredge t300, it should work as router and firewall, but problem is that i can't connect it to the internet. When i try to ping any host from console it gives me "Host name lookup failure" and in logs there is "kernel: arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for". So probably i've done something wrong with Gateway or DNS setup. It should be the issue, because when i put netgear router as DHCP server between ethernet modem and pfsense everything works as a charm.
    I will really appreciate if someone will tell me how to configurate pfsense, in order to get incoming internet connection (Static IP). Thank you.

  • The subnet on the WAN is wrong … should be at least me thinks. possibly even 253 or 254 ... but 255 means it can only communicate with itself ...

    This is routing/subnetting 101.

  • Thank you, podilarius!
    You are right! Problem was in the Subner. Correct one is
    Problem solved.

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